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Outpost reopens after closure

Long Beach State University, with approximately 2,000 more students on campus this semester, lost another on campus food option after The Outpost announced its sudden closure Monday night.

In an Instagram post by The 49er Shops, The Outpost announced that “due to building facility issues we regret that the Outpost location is currently closed.” The Beach community is further restricted in available on-campus food options after the Nugget Bar and Grill still did not open a third semester after returning since the pandemic.

The Outpost restaurant is closed due to facility issues.
The Outpost restaurant is closed due to facility issues. Photo credit: Vincent Medina

While the Beach Hut and Chillside Cafe are expected to return to campus next spring semester, students are left with limited dining options that include the USU, the Beach Convenient Store, the Corner Market and the Caffeine Lab.

On Tuesday at noon, the Outpost Grill reopened to serve students. A representative from The 49er Shops, Rosa Hernandez, stated that the building had suffered from a water heater issue that has since been resolved.

“The Outpost has reopened, we are happy to report that it was open in time for lunch,” Hernandez said. “We appreciate the speedy response from our teams and campus partners to ensure we reopened as quickly as possible.”

This story was updated on Sept. 27, 2022

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