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ASI attempts to accommodate staff shortage

By Kadie Gurley and Marita Snyder

While the semester is nearing its halfway point, ASI job openings are up for grabs.

Students are able to fill positions in ASI’s student governing, media production through 22 West Media, Beach Pride events and more.

There are 11 openings on the ASI recruitment site, key roles including Director of Human Resources that are waiting to be filled.

ASI has 125 non-student employees working full-time and part-time and a total of 363 students occupied the employment positions.

“Since July 1, we have filled 90 positions of our total employment that is 18%,” Communications Coordinator Shannon Couey said.

Other positions within ASI that are vacant include USU Building Manager, Facility Services student staff, Facility Maintenance Technician and more as stated on the ASI recruitment site. Therefore, planning events have had its fair share of staffing constraints according to the non-profit organization.

“One of the challenges we all have endured is managing Covid, working through staffing shortages, space capacities and ensuring a safe and inclusive environment,” Associate Executive Director Sylvana Cicero said.

ASI is in charge a variety of activities throughout the year that benefit the school and student population like Week of Welcome, Movies on the House and Smorgasport, which was recently postponed and has yet to be rescheduled.

ASI’s mission statement “seeks to facilitate the achievement of students’ educational objectives and life goals through programs.”

“With the break in our regular events due to the pandemic, students don’t know what to expect from us or the event,” Beach Pride Events coordinator April Marie Castro said. “As we continue to plan and host programs, we have to relearn what the most popular events times are, what types of events our new students want to see, and what excites and interests them to be involved in our events.”

ASI student government have filled most of its vacancy student leadership roles, but still have openings as stated on their site. “We currently have the following vacancies; Senate, College of the Arts, Senate, College of Natural Science & Mathematics, Commissioner, Pregnant & Parenting Students, Commissioner, Veterans Affair and Academics Affairs Officer,” Assistant Director of Government Affairs and Initiatives Joe Nino said.

With the 2.2% of vacancies in the student body being able to be filled and a majority of classes being resumed in person, it looks like ASI’s future for this year is looking upward.

“We are fortunate that we get to work with the students while they are here, and that we can be part of their professional growth,” said Jordan Eres, assistant director of Human Resources. “The beginning of the fall semester always brings job vacancies, and we are currently at the tail end of a hiring wave.”

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