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Week of Welcome brings new and returning students to campus

Long Beach State’s Week of Welcome, which featured a plethora of student organizations, clubs and informational booths, kickstarted it’s two-day event on Tuesday, Jan. 31, which ends Feb. 1.

The fair is a way for students to create connections, join clubs and learn about university resources. Upon arrival, students are met by various communities, colorful flags and decorations, with organization leaders and ambassadors handing out pamphlets, flyers and prizes.

From Greek Row to Anime Club, students were able to pursue their interests and sign up for future meetings.

Nathalie Garcia Salas, an undeclared second-year student, shared her experience searching for resources on campus.

“My experience with Long Beach State has been rough. I’m a first-generation student, and I was told that I had support. But [where] to find that support was the hardest part,” Garcia Salas said.

Working at the table for the newly instated Girl Gains Club, Garcia Salas encouraged school involvement to make friends who help along the way.

Britney Mai, a third-year transfer student and ambassador of the Beach Transfer Transition Center, attended the event to promote outreach to students. The center, which offers workshops and study spaces, works closely with GenExcel which is a mentoring program for first generation students like Garcia Salas.

Like the B.T.T.C and GenExcel, various on-campus organizations highlight free or discounted resources available to students.

Rebecca Rinck, a peer health educator, acknowledged the toll that education can have on students’ health. Working for the Student Health Services booth, Rinck promoted the various resources that students can take advantage of.

From primary care to sports medicine and reproductive services, the on-campus clinic offers confidential and free help. In addition to physical support, Rinck promoted stress-free workshops to help students regulate their mental health.

“We want to make health as accessible as possible,” Rinck said.

For more extensive mental health counseling, Long Beach’s Trauma Recovery Center offers similar services with the use of therapy, prevention services and survivor-centered work. Their booth was one of many that encouraged students to utilize CSULB services.

Aside from physical, mental and emotional support, Week of Welcome continues to highlight a slew of academic programs and services, such as signing up for essay tutoring at the writing center booth and planning career counseling appointments at the Career Development Center.

The second day of Week of Welcome will take place on Wednesday in the central quad from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. To learn more about Week of Welcome and the clubs featured, visit their website.

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