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ASI aims to increase student engagement on campus

ASI proposed the “Senate Resolution,” a plan to increase student involvement and participation, during their regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday.

The proposal involves five key goals to increase school spirit through event planning, advocating for expanded university resources, and supporting underrepresented populations on campus.

Events on campus include last week’s “Week of Welcome,” a two-day event featuring various campus clubs, organizations, and resource centers. The fun continued during the weekend, with “ASI & 49er Shops Night” at Long Beach State’s men’s basketball game vs. UC Irvine on Feb. 4.

ASI also aims to improve equity within the classroom and throughout campus, with Executive Vice President Diamond Bryd expressing that their goal is to “show students how to advocate for themselves.”

Senator at-large Teresa Falcon agreed with this sentiment, further expressing that she feels it’s important that faculty members listen to student voices and perspectives on campus issues.

ASI hopes to gain more insight into student perspectives through student surveys, such as the “Future U” survey.

The Future U Project is a year-long initiative aiming to seek student input on a potential renovation of the University Student Union.

The survey, which is due Feb. 10, asks students to share what they’d like to see offered in an expanded version of the USU and evaluate and rank the center’s current options. Giveaway prizes are being offered in an attempt to increase survey participation.

Expansion of current resources offered through the Beach Kitchen, a program that offers culinary classes and nutritional resources to students, such as CalFresh and Beach Pantry, were discussed.

Health and Human Services Senator Jocelyn Pena emphasized the importance of bringing visibility to such services.

Several events are taking place on campus throughout the month of February. In honor of Black History Month, cultural and educational events will be held, with more information to be provided to students later in the week.

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