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ASI discusses active shooting training, Black/Africana Studies support and USU fees

Associated Students, Inc. met for the last time this academic year on Wednesday and voted to approve Resolution 2023-11, an active shooting training for ASI members.

The training will consist of an online course that will inform student leaders on how to prepare themselves and act as a guide to those around them in a situation where a shooter is present.

As training and tests are not required for all ASI members, it is encouraged due to the increased number of mass shootings across the U.S.

“I think it’s very important, not only to bring awareness but preparedness for our students on an ongoing issue that, unfortunately, is something that has happened so commonly around the country,” Senate member Alejandro Rojas-Ibanez from the College of Liberal Arts said. “Just because it’s happening elsewhere does not mean it can’t happen here.”

In addition, ASI voted to approve support for Black/Africana Studies and Critical Race Theory, Resolution 2023-12.

In recent bans on African American studies throughout the U.S., such as the Advanced Placement course ban in African American Studies in Florida, the ASI senate emphasized a push in Black/Africana academia.

“ASI Board of Directors supports initiatives, programs, and services that support African American cultivation, such as academia, mental health, and other programs to holistically benefit the Black/Pan African community,” said Executive Vice President Diamond Byrd.

The ASI Senate also discussed The Future U Project that is in the works, which will include the renovation and expansion of the University Student Union.

With new renovations come increased student fees. By fall 2025, students will be expected to pay $475, a $255 increase, to cover the cost of the renovated USU.

The reconstruction of the building will focus on a new dining plaza with more casual and enjoyable options for students. Ensuring that the new dining options accept CalFresh for low-income individuals is also in the works.

USU representatives are making changes based on student surveys and are encouraging continuous feedback on options.

Lounging areas with accessible charging stations are also being discussed to ensure a comfortable space for commuter students who are on campus for large periods of the day.

The facility is anticipated to be completed around the year 2028; however, there is no finalized plan for renovations and expected completion.

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