No shame in loitering at The Beach

Graduation is a time to celebrate, reflect and plan, so we won’t bust anybody’s chops for hanging around after the affair to polish up a few units here or there.

 That’s the great thing about having the ceremony in spring. For one day, the world forgives us for having to come back to take that one overlooked flower arrangement class.

 The nice part is that, even though we might need three units in some ugly class to seal the deal, we can still party like short-timers.

 While the day is especially sweet for those who knocked off everything, the system also has a place in its soul for those who didn’t.

 We at the Daily Forty-Niner wish to congratulate and thank the estimated 6,400 students grabbing parchment at Cal State Long Beach this week. We’d also like to let those finishing up that last minute busywork in the summer or fall know you won’t be chided for hanging around a bit longer.

Who knows? You might even decide to shoot for another degree.

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