Senior shares short-timer ‘tude

Here we go again; another semester at sunny Cal State Long Beach. With the start of every semester, sunny or not, we all endure no parking, long lines and high book prices.

This is the last semester I will have to endure such hardships. After eight years of college my long journey is coming to an end, but what now? It’s hard to imagine what’s in store after we leave college. We may get a great job or not. We will definitely have to grow up.

We will begin to think about Social Security, health care and many more crappy adult-like things.

Don’t get me wrong; I am good and done with classes and all the malarkey that comes with them. I classify myself as a super senior — cooked well-done. However, I have come to have pride and appreciate the long, winding and steep educational road.

To some extent I like school; I like classes and the subjects I study. It has been a long hard process for me to get where I am. I’m excited to be almost done, but I can’t help feeling a sadness creeping up.

Graduating college can be a gloomy thought for many different reasons. Some have high expectations of life after college and are let down when they’re not realized. And some — like me — just don’t want to grow up.

A few friends have felt this fear and deem it “pre-graduation terror.” It’s OK to feel this way and I am here to tell you it’s a common sentiment.

Here are some suggestions of ways to overcome the choking cold, clammy claws of the “real world.”

To curb the nostalgic feeling of last semester and thoughts like, “This is one of the last times I’m going to eat in the Nugget!” — try the following tips.

1) Every time you circle the parking lot for hours remember you are four months from ever having to see Lot 11 again. When you’re up for hours writing a 10-page essay or cramming for a test, realize days like these are numbered. When feeling sad and unsure, remember the unpleasant times of “studenthood” and snap out of that nostalgia!

2) Hopefully, you will have a job. Whether it’s the same one you have now, or a spanking new one, you will be making money. Without pesky classes clogging your schedule you will be able to work longer hours. I know the thought of working all day is a bit harsh, but it will pay off when you get paid. Think about all the money you won’t be spending on textbooks, parking passes and school supplies.

3) Budget cuts, enrollment cuts and paper cuts will continue to roll out across our university system — now is a good time to graduate. California is quickly running out of money and education is getting hit hard. Fees are rising each year so get out while you can.

4) Keep your chin up fellow students — it’s almost over.

Serafina Costanza is a senior journalism major and an assistant opinions editor for the Daily Forty-Niner.

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