Letter to the Editor-Bush legacy best defined with ‘good riddance’

The arguments presented by Brian Cuaron and Christopher Herrin in response to the question of what should George W. Bush’s legacy as president be in U.S. history had one fundamental consensus: Bush was not a good president.

No matter how light we put it, Bush has done nothing that the American people should even consider worthy of remembrance. If we completely eliminate the war on “terror,” the Middle East, and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Bush has done nothing for the creation of a greater America.

No Child Left Behind? LOL. Established strong international relations? Pshhhhh! Created a wealthy prosperous nation for years to come? Who the f– are you kidding? Bush will be remembered for years to come for the great awakening of America’s conciseness into never allowing another lame duck president again.

This has nothing to do with whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent. A president has a set of goals for America; Bush had none, except to bathe in the golden glory of America’s No. 1 position, while the people who elected him suffer from his naïve rulings. Thank you Mr. President — for nothing.

– David Rose,
political science major

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