The Human Barbie doll needs to be a wake-up call to Mattel

Just when you thought anorexia was the worst possible effect of the Barbie Doll, here comes the “human Barbie,” Valeria Lukyanova.

The Ukrainian model has become an Internet sensation for her almost identical resemblance to Mattel’s Barbie.

With her long blonde hair, big blue eyes and waist that’s only fit for an anorexic 3-year-old, the Internet community has both welcomed her look and crapped on her for promoting such dangerous and unrealistic standards of women’s beauty.

In her latest interview with V Magazine, she said she dismisses all the negative feedback she’s received.

“Many people say bad things about people who want to perfect themselves,” Lukyanova said. “I’m happy I seem unreal to them, it means I’m doing a good job.”

According to Lukyanova, her look is natural and no plastic surgery (aside from her boob job) or photoshop technology has been used on her images.

Although it’s pretty unbelievable that she naturally looks like a plastic doll, she needs to be taken as a wake-up call to toy makers.

Stop damaging the minds of our children. They grow up to be human Barbies!

Chances are, your daughter won’t grow up to look like Barbie.

You know, because she’s human.

Barbie, however, imprints an unrealistic ideal of female beauty into girls from a very young and vulnerable age.

They might then grow up and struggle to transform their natural beauty into something that looks like a plastic doll, possibly damaging themselves mentally and physically along the way.

Mattel, and other toy makers, have a responsibility to their customers to create toys that aren’t only physically safe to play with but won’t mentally damage children, making them think they need to turn into Valeria Lukyanova.

Why not give Barbie a torso that looks like the organs inside have room to function?

Does she need to look like she makes a little trip to the girls room after every meal?

Her arms and legs are way too long, her eyes are too big for her head, and she needs a breast reduction. Why are her features always Caucasian looking?

We need CEO Barbie; one who runs a successful company while raising a family, doesn’t depend on Ken and looks like a real woman. Curves and all.

The point is, when a child is young, her mind is like a sponge. They soak in their surroundings as they discover the world.

It would be nice if little girls played with Barbies that physically looked like the women they may turn into one day.

If Mattel doesn’t want to take credit for contributing to the image issues of countless women, fine. Valeria Lukyanova, however, is proof that Barbie does have a direct effect on people.

We need less humans looking like Barbie and more Barbies looking like humans. It’s time for a change.

Jack Chavdarian is a senior journalism major and an assistant social media editor for the Daily 49er.

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