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Fanatic: Power surge fuels Niner comback (almost)

Let’s talk about Super Bowl XLQQ???? or “The HarBowl” or “The one with the awkwardly long blackout” (as it will come to be known)

Or, if you’re a Niner fan, “The one with the HORRIBLE no-call!”

Being a Patriots fan, I was undecided on who to root for in this one. On the one hand, Ray Lewis is a cheater, but by the same token, I had had it with Niner “fans” who pointed to their grandiose “We’re a perfect five for five in Super Bowls” statements.

I am glad that 49er fans finally experienced a Super Bowl defeat. Saying “We’re a perfect five for five” is just asking for a beatdown if you ask me.

Still, I have to pay credit where it’s due.

In the first half, Colin Kaepernick looked like every bit a first-year starter, wilting in the big moment. Few predicted such performance from him, after he usurped mainstay Alex Smith and carved up a who’s who of NFL defenses this season.

But as the lights came alive, so did the Niners. They started connecting in the passing game and put together a string of impressive drives.

Ultimately, Joe Flacco and Co. were too much as they canned the Niners on their desperation drive.

So can we PLEASE put Joe Flacco in the “elite” category now? There are FOUR quarterbacks in the league who are better than this kid: Manning, Brady, Rodgers and Brees. Is five too many for an elite category? I think not.

Now, older brother John gets the nod over Jim for bragging rights at the family Thanksgiving.

Flacco snags MVP. Jim Harbaugh snubs media. Ray Lewis Cries.

The end.

Excuse me will I place an order for my limited edition Ravens championship shirt and hat!

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