How to know if you are addicted to Netflix

Watching unlimited, non-stop amounts of Netflix only costs $7.99 per month, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are becoming addicted.

“Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any Internet-connected screen,” Netflix says on its website. “Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.”

This can be a dangerous offer for some people.

According to a survey conducted by Netflix in late November 2013, out of 3,078 adults aged 18 and older, 61 percent binge watch regularly. Also, 73 percent of those polled reported that they felt no remorse for their binging.

Now, I’m not putting down Netlfix because I, too, am guilty of watching back-to-back episodes of “New Girl,” – mostly because I wish Winston, Nick and Schmidt were actually my hilarious roommates – but here are some red flags to let you know that your Netflix addiction is getting out of hand:

  1. You lie to your friends.

It’s Friday night, and your friend invites you to go to a concert to see that super cool band you’ve wanted to see. If you’re over 21, perhaps the invitation is to go out bar hopping. Either way, you lie to your friend and tell them that you’re terribly ill when in actuality you can’t stop watching “Pretty Little Liars” because you need to find out who A is.

  1. You watch Netflix during the day.

Not only are you cuddling up on the couch at night to watch Netflix, but you’re also skipping out on a Saturday hike to watch television during the day. Rather than being a stay at home mom who folds laundry while watching daytime soap operas, you are simply addicted to Netflix.

  1. You have the Netflix app on all of your technological devices.

You don’t just have Netflix on your television; you have it on your iPhone, iPad, laptop, gaming system and office computer. You can continue to watch your favorite shows from any location.


  1. You stay up to absurd hours of the night so you can watch just “one more episode.”

Your eyes are tired, and feeling as if they’re going to fall out of their sockets, but there are like 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and you haven’t even made a dent. Patrick Dempsey is so McDreamy that you need to watch one more episode, despite the fact that it’s 4 a.m.


  1. You don’t shower or cook your own food.

Your Netflix marathon has gone deep into the weekend, and by this time, it’s Sunday and you’ve gone three days without washing your hair. The pizza boxes are starting to pile up.

  1. You avoid studying for your exams and don’t do your homework.

You have a paper due on Monday, and a huge exam coming up as well. It’s true that Netflix can be more entertaining than statistics, but you need to push through and get your stuff done! You have priorities!

I understand if you want to have a casual and relaxing night on the couch with beer, Chinese food in a box and some television. However, don’t let Netflix strip you of all integrity and turn you into a lazy, lying and unfortunately, smelly human being. Go out and be your own cleverly witty sitcom by creating your own dramas.

The beauty of living is that if you actually choose to live, you’ll never be confined to one genre. You have the opportunity to experience it all and not just virtually. So in short, I think it best not to over indulge and “veg out” all the time, no matter how comfy your little burrow is.

Luna Redclay is a junior English major.

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