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Letter to the Editor: ASI ‘Big Event’ fun for the few who get to attend

On Monday, tickets for the ASI Big Event for 2018 went on sale. The line of students attempting to receive the Disneyland tickets was ridiculous, stretching from the USU almost to the Library.

In my four years at Long Beach State I have never seen so many students line up to attend the Big Event and from where I was standing it looked like a massive success. If ASI was trying to rally students, they killed it, but after the limited $10 tickets sold out students were left in the cold after hours of waiting.

Those students naturally were not impressed and felt that the event was exclusive, poorly planned, deceitful, and ultimately (from as far as I could tell) an inappropriate use of ASI dollars.

After these left out students went to the internet to vent, and rightfully so, ASI defenders popped up all over the place to reason with their disgruntled peers (too soon). Of course, people bantered and had great points on both sides, but neither could get the other to concede to their points.

The ASI defenders were quick to point out that ASI could do nothing for the students or that ASI can’t make everyone happy.

Although, these comments came off condescending in some instances, I have to agree. We cannot expect ASI to do what is best for everyone.

The question that didn’t get asked by the disgruntled was “who paid for the more than generous subsidization of these tickets?” or “what if the cost was $50/ticket, opposed to $10, could we have had more tickets available?” ASI missed the opportunity to engage thousands of students in an event, that might have made them more involved and they failed to know their peers.

If ASI does not represent all students, how can they expect students to want to give their time or energy or spirit.

The Big Event might be fun for the few that get the chance to attend, but it might be time to get back to the basics rather than spend other people’s money to finance a small exclusive group on campus. It is impossible to accommodate everyone, but its irresponsible to ASI dollars (raised from the entire student body) on things that don’t enrich the entire student body.

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