Are we able to say, ‘Thank U, Next’ right after a breakup?

As a hopeless romantic, I’ve had quite a few bumpy relationships and moving on quickly after each partner is normal for me. The speed with which I’d start dating someone else was faster than Speedy Gonzales can run. The high-speed dating life has reflected a huge chunk of my journal content for the first three years of college.

But to these love experiences, I have the privilege and ability to mouth the words of Ariana Grande’s new single “Thank u, next” with confidence.

The hit song is relatable for both the heartbreaker in a relationship and the recipient of the heart break.

The break up can either force you to crawl into a cave to hibernate for years from the dating world or make you sign up on Tinder to swipe right on the next potential lover.

Some say the second outcome is cold and malicious; they would even consider this “emotionally cheating.”  According to emotional affairs and relationship problems writer Evelyn Andersen, the act of “emotionally cheating” is defined as someone eyeing from afar the next potential partner without physically enacting in wrongdoing due to their commitment for their “ beloved spouse.”

I remember breaking up with a partner of mine due to the hardships of long-distance, myself being in San Francisco and he being in Los Angeles. He and I were both clearly upset at the loss of a “cute” relationship. However, I woke up the morning after we broke up to a text with details of his next potential date and his plan of introducing the date to his family members.

Of course, I was enraged, and then the sadness took over and I and started questioning the love we shared.

I went into a pothole of broken hearts, which was new for me since I wouldn’t usually dwell on relationships, and instead start dating other people. It felt like a mirror was held in front of me to see how it felt to see a ex-partner of yours move on quickly.

After I reflected on the situation, I started filling myself with happiness in being single and seeing my ex-partner be happy with a new love.

I’m a believer in having multiple soulmates in a lifetime, whether they be platonic or romantic. You can’t really be sure that out of all the people in this world there is only one soulmate for you.  

I hate to break it to you, but Disney princesses and happily ever after isn’t  realistic in today’s dating world..

Obviously, the situation with my ex was painful. It hurt that he quickly found another “soulmate,” but the thought of him finding a relatable and lovable person in a very short period of time is amazing.

As I began to reexamine my thoughts on romanticism I knew that I had to be mindful of the love people give and how it can be switched from one person to another. Humans are complex and finding love isn’t a simple journey from A to B.

From a love enthusiast to anyone currently in the dating world, you have the right to say, “Thank u, next.”

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