Building renovations, you choose

Question: If you could renovate one building on campus, which would it be and why?

Name: Lan To

Major: Third-year, Finance

Answer: “The CBA Building. They don’t have those refillable water stations and the closest one is [at] the Horn Center.”

Name: Reyna Godinez 

Major: Fourth-year, International Business 

Answer: “The CBA definitely. The first floor could use a lot of updating.”



Name: Randy Dang

Major: Fourth-year, Communication Studies

Answer: “I think the Liberal Arts building should be renovated. Not just one but all of the Liberal Arts buildings because they’re really outdated.”


Name: Annabella Exum-Strahlendorf

Major: Fourth-year, Pre-Linguistics

Answer: “Liberal Arts because those buildings are, I don’t know how to describe it, like crusty. They seem old.”

This article previously had the wrong author listed and was corrected Sept. 24 at 3:54 p.m.

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