CSULB students spill the tea about the dirt dumping on Puvungna

Q: CSULB is dumping dirt from construction on Puvungna, sacred land for the indigenous population. Native American remains have been found on the land and the community is vocal about leaving it alone. Do you think

Jada Knight. First-year journalism major

“[CSULB] could be wrong. If it’s some type of memorial then yeah, it’s still pretty disrespectful.” 

Janine Salgado. First-year child development major

“Students [should protest] and get their word out and get what they want ‘cause if no one stands up for it then nothing is going to be done and all the history is going to be taken away.” 

Robert Gonzalez. Fourth-year marketing major

“I think the school should maybe stop and try to find other solutions. I also wouldn’t like it if someone was dumping dirt [on]  like, my house. I don’t think that’s right. We always like to honor our dead, especially those [who] are family. So I think it’s important to honor them and not just disrespect them like that.”

Jarrid Trama. First-year business finance major

“If the school has like, maybe a Native American club or association, they should probably get involved and protest peacefully with the members of the community. But to be honest, I don’t know what specifically the school could do without stepping over some toes. Yes, it should. Because if they started constructing on cemeteries that we have loved ones buried in, it would have the same reaction from the rest of us.”

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