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Democrats fail to make an impact

The Democratic primaries are crowded. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and even Kamala Harris all have a real path to victory. All they have to do is show why they are the best candidate for the job. 

They all brutally failed in the latest debate. All they had to do was stand out from the crowd, but that was far beyond the Democratic candidates.

All of them echoed the same boring, tired talking points. This is especially disappointing considering how crowded the field is for them. This was their opportunity for them to show what made them special. They failed.

Each espoused their unilateral support for an impeachment of Trump. Quite the surprise. 

Every candidate also outlined their healthcare plans, and while they were different, they failed to differentiate them from each other.

It was almost comical to see candidates with no chance like Amy Klobuchar and even Beto O’Rourke still act like they have a chance. We are far past the point where they have any bearing on the election, but they remain.

This was deeply disappointing as someone who hopes to see a strong Democratic candidate supplant Trump. Noone stood out, every candidate failed to impress. This feels like a setup to another four years of fascism.

I wish that there was a stand-out moment that could serve as a rallying point for both the centrist Democrats and progressives alike, but the entire night served as nothing more than a repetition of previous debates.

I’m disappointed in every prospective Democratic candidate, this was the moment to make a splash but it felt as if they were simply going through the motions.

This was the moment for massive shifts in the party, instead, it was an opportunity for people to reiterate positions already well established.

Everyone wants to impeach Trump. Alright; everyone thinks healthcare is a big issue; cool. Taxes need to be raised for the 1%. Who cares?

We know the broad strokes, what makes each special is what’s important, and it was largely ignored.

These little snipes at each other are unimportant. Why should the average person care? The Democrats are campaigning for the discerning voter, those who are interested in the exact minutiae of the vote.

Those people have already made up their minds. The Democrats need to recruit apprehensive voters, centrists. They have been left entirely unenthused by this debate.

We are in critical danger of a second term of Trump. And the Democrats have failed to provide a compelling alternative.

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