CSULB students spill the tea on their commute to campus


How do you commute and how long does it take to get to campus?

What would you do with the time if you didn’t have to commute?

Sabrina Marie Carbajal, f
ourth-year psychology major

“I commute through the bus, I live just down the street so it’s easier for me to just take the bus. It’s pretty easy, it saves me a lot of money, it’s no less than 20 minutes [to get to campus.] It’s my best reliable option to get to school.”

Kayla Mosqueda, f
irst-year kinesiology major 

“In the beginning of the year, I commuted through the bus and metro, I took the 175 and the 171, it’s just one big street to Long Beach. It’s about an hour to get here. I commute from Compton, it was a bit difficult for a while because I didn’t have a car, but now I drive [to school]. I [drive on] streets rather than the freeway, in the morning. It’s pretty empty because I come before 8 a.m. If I didn’t have to commute I would probably study or sleep, I’m more of a morning person.”

Luis Lopez, s
econd-year graphic design major

“I take the bus, when I don’t have a ride from my parents, it takes about an hour because I take two buses from Paramount. I take the 171 towards Cabrillo and then I take the 92 which is at LBCC, [and] I take the bus to go home from there. If I didn’t have to commute, I would probably get more sleep, I would also have more time to study or do homework because while I’m on the bus it’s kind of difficult to take out my book. It’s usually crowded and most of the time I just focus on not trying to push people, so I could really use that one hour of time for myself in many ways.”

Alma Gallardo, f
irst-year business major

“I take the 577 metro from the Norwalk Station, I either take an Uber or my dad drops me off [at the Norwalk Station.] It’s hard, it’s a lot of money wasted taking an Uber. To get to school from Downey it’s about 45 minutes to an hour. If I didn’t have to commute I would be doing other things like homework. The bus stop is so far away from my classes, so I have to run if I want to make it, it’s a lot of work. If I don’t make it I have to wait an hour for the next one [bus]. I even bought a scooter just for that purpose, I don’t even use the scooter to get to [my] classes, just for the bus.”

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    Hello all,

    I am the campus Sustainable Transportation Coordinator and wanted to inform that we have an internal carpool matching platform. Carpooling with another CSULB is an alternative to riding the bus / Metro, often helps students get to campus faster. To use the platform, simply log on with your campus ID and password, post your commute, and then review your match list. https://new.zimride.com/csulb

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