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CSULB students spill the tea on their favorite holiday foods


What is your favorite holiday food and why?

Is there any family connection?

Christian Popoca, fourth-year history major

“My girlfriend at the time had a cousin that made this spicy ham, and I usually don’t like ham at all. I prefer beef for whatever reason, but I love spicy food so I decided to try it out. It was a hit, so every Thanksgiving I used to go over just for the ham. Last year when I found out her cousin wasn’t there, I didn’t go because I knew the ham wasn’t going to be there. Now I want some ham.”

Hassam Khan, third-year kinesiology major

“For the holidays I usually like beef and baked potatoes, not so much turkey. For our holidays though we have a special dish called biryani. It’s made out of rice, chicken, vegetables and mixed together with Indian spices. Whoever I have given the dish to they always ask for more.”

Anita Okogbue, first-year undeclared

“My favorite holiday meal would have to be jollof rice, Nigerian style. No other form, just Nigerian. It’s steamed onions, tomatoes, peppers and you let the rice boil in it. Then you put it in the oven and it’s just right because I can taste all the stew, peppers and all the flavors. It’s bomb. After you taste my mom’s cooking you’d want her to be your mom.”

Makayla Wang, third-year international business major

“My favorite holiday meal is Chinese sticky rice because I am half Chinese and it’s really nostalgic because I have had it ever since I was little. My grandma usually makes it. It’s special because you can’t really get in the stores, so it’s just a holiday family recipe.”

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