Students spill the tea on finals and their stress

Question 1: Are you stressing about finals?

Question 2: After finals are over, how are you planning on de-stressing?

Andrew Dyson, pursuing a master’s in psychology

“On a scale of one to stress, I’d say I’m probably like a seven. Also [I’m] about 70% of the way through since most of my finals are like papers and projects so there’s not that many real exams which is rad. My favorite thing to do after being done with finals is smoke pot. [I’ll] probably just sit on my couch with a fat blunt.”

Carmen Hodgson, fourth-year communication studies major

“I’m not too stressed anymore because if I ever find myself getting too stressed on any school assignments I just think about the quality of life. It just really isn’t worth putting myself through all this mental stress for this assignment because the school system tests us in funny ways anyways.I’m going to go out and have a few adult beverages to unwind, but I also like to unwind by going out and hanging out with my friends.”

Leigh Hodgson, fourth-year international studies major

“I’m always stressed about finals, well any test really. I feel like just after a test I get really happy that it’s over.I don’t really know what [I’ll] do once it’s over but just hang out with friends and not do school.”

Evan Phillips, third-year English major

“I’m not super stressed but I’m definitely more stressed than I have been all semester. I took a smaller course load this year so that’s why it’s less stressful, but I still kind of procrastinated and waited until the last minute, which is why I made it stressful.Once it’s done I am for sure going to go camping. I destress [by] getting away from my phone and just taking a break from technology.”

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