Students spill the tea on going to men’s volleyball games

Question: What is your favorite thing about attending men’s volleyball games in the Pyramid?

A young white man smiles at the camera

Spencer Pozgay, Fourth-year communications major

“I love the atmosphere at the games… I’ve been able to see both national championship teams so you love and appreciate the team.”

A white man with a beard smiles

Brent Pothoven, fourth-year history major

“I call most of the games for women’s volleyball so you get attached… It brings the best atmosphere here to the pyramid.”

A young Latina woman smiles

Melanie Morales, First-year psychology major

“I did volleyball in high school so I love it.”

a young latino man with glasses smiles. His hair is pulled back.

Matthew Ortiz, Third-year business accounting major 

“Tradition, obviously. I played volleyball in high school and they won the last two national championships.”

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