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Trump’s being against calling witnesses is a clear sign of guilt

Surprising no one, former National Security Adviser to Donald Trump John Bolton’s new book alleges that the Trump Administration withheld aid to Iran to pressure the nation into investigating his possible rival to the presidency, Joe Biden’s family.

He also believed that Trump was becoming too close to, and doing political favors for, dangerous dictators such as Xi Jinping. 

Bolton outlines a sobering image of the president. One more interested in rubbing elbows with human rights violators and tyrants than observing the rule of law. And Republicans up until this point have been complicit in this corruption.

This phone call is at the crux of the impeachment proceedings and confirmation that Trump effectively blackmailed a foreign nation to get them to interfere in the 2020 election on his behalf is damning enough that maybe even a few Republicans would admit he made a mistake.

So far Republicans have been reticent to hear witnesses, suggesting that an impeachment without witnesses is normal. While this is far from the truth, and might even be unconstitutional, the idea that any political group would actively impede an investigation of this magnitude, even if one of their contemporaries is unconscionable. 

Looking back at the Clinton impeachment efforts, some of Trump’s most stalwart defenders have had radical shifts in message.

Lindsey Graham, one of Trump’s most dogged defenders, who has defended Trump at every turn, said that Clinton didn’t even have to commit a crime to be impeached and removed from office.

There is no way that the Senate is impartial in this, and it has said as much.

At least back in the days of Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, our leaders seemed to be at least a little ashamed of what they have done. Nixon resigned, partially to avoid being charged, but still bowed out (relatively) gracefully.

I doubt Trump will go gentle into that good night. Nothing in the man’s character seems to suggest anything other than a titanic struggle.

Republicans are gaslighting the American people. Handwaving away obvious crimes and downplaying the severity of Trump’s infractions.

History won’t reflect well on Trump. During Nixon’s impeachment public support was minimal. Trump’s is more than half. If Nixon was that popular and he is now villainized, what will it look like for Trump?

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