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Students spill the tea on their worst dates

Question: What’s your best worst date story?

Dominic Lawrence, third-year communications major

“I went on a date, and at this time I was younger. I was on the dating apps, and I met this guy. We went out to dinner, [and] halfway through he needed to tell me that he was married to a girl that just needed citizenship, and I basically SOSed myself. I called my mom, and I was like, ‘I need to go home.’” 

Megan Dea, third-year communication studies major 

“I went to go hang out with some friend, to me it was a friend. I guess he thought that I was going on a date with him, but I would never go on a date with a guy if I have to pick him up and take him out. We ended up going out, hanging out, and it was really fun. When I dropped him off, he stayed in the car, he wasn’t leaving, and I was like, ‘OK I gotta go,’ and he stayed and he ended up leaning in to kiss me. I kinda knew it might happen because he lingered, but I reacted terribly and I said, ‘Woah, what the fuck are you doing, we’re just friends,’ and he said, ‘Oh, thanks for leading me on.’” 

Oliva Bloom, first-year psychology major

“It was a date to Disneyland and the guy I went with, I never met him before and [we matched on] Tinder. I wanted to go to Disneyland for free [because he worked there], and I hadn’t been in like 10 years or so. He seemed like a nice boy, but when we got there, we were about to go through the security gates, I was like, ‘Oh shoot,’ [because] I have a bunch of, not legal, stuff in my purse. I had a lighter, a [marijauna vape pen], a bottle opener and all that sort of stuff in my purse. I was like, ‘Oh shoot, what do I do with this?’ and he was like, ‘I could lose my job.’ It wasn’t the best situation.”

Lauren Patt, third-year studio art major

“I was visiting some family in Arkansas and I got Tinder, and this guy wanted to take me out for breakfast. I was 17 or 16. I kind of had to sneak out early in the morning to go to breakfast. I told my mom I was going downtown to take photos. I went, and it was super awkward. It was my first date with someone I didn’t know and a stranger from Tinder, and I felt awkward and bad. I didn’t want to order because I felt bad that he was paying for it. He was in the Army, and we were just in very different places in our lives. I was in high school. This guy, still to this day— it’s been four or five years— he still Snapchats me.” 

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