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Students spill the tea on women who inspire them

Nicole Mababa, Second-year health care administration major

“The woman that has inspired me and impacted me the most is my mom because she’s an immigrant and starting here wasn’t always easy. Without the sacrifices that she has made, the obstacles that she has overcome, I wouldn’t have the good life that I have … with endless opportunities.”

Yesenia Duarte, Third-year chemistry major

“The woman who has inspired me [is Lorena Fonseca]. She’s the program coordinator for the STEM center at my community college. During my academic career, I’ve faced many hardships and she’s the only person I’ve known who’s gone above and beyond. She does a lot, whether it’s being there for emotional support, whether it’s looking for internships, seeking tutoring, whatever the case may be, she always steps up to the plate.”

Fernando Ramirez Bello, Transfer mechanical engineering major

“Mostly my mom, the way she works hard. She’s a real workaholic [and] she really drilled [that] into my head. I’ve seen her come home late from work. She immigrated here with me. She brought me over. So, to really see how hard work pays off. We’re living better now thanks to her.”

Michael Molina, Third-year food science major

“My grandmother, and it has to do with a moment a few years ago when we went hiking up Mount Bali. About halfway up, I had asked my grandma, who was in her early 50s at that time, and I kinda didn’t think that she’d be able to do it. So I asked her, ‘Hey is this, like, not hard for you? Are you tired?’ She turns around and tells me, ‘Mikey, I’ve been through worse things than this in life.’” 

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