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Balancing the budget of Zoom University

Compared to many other schools Long Beach State keeps its costs fairly low, but that isn’t to say that costs aren’t an issue for students at the Beach. 

If students aren’t able to access particular services on campus, it makes the act of  paying full tuition questionable.  The university has made a lot of statements regarding this particular topic, with their main point being that they can’t cut costs because they have to employ people. They have also stated that many of the university’s sources of income have ceased to exist because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Because of COVID-19 regulations, the usual foot traffic on campus that brought in regular revenue has ceased to exist, even though the university is facing demands to continue functioning.  Though it is incredibly frustrating to have to pay in full for tuition and fees, it’s also fairly understandable.

 No student at CSULB wants to see faculty or staff members lose their job, but at the same time, no student wants to have to pay full tuition if they aren’t getting all of the benefits from attending school face-to-face.

There are many students suffering because of  the pandemic. Some have lost their jobs, homes, incomes, etc. and in some extreme cases – some students are homeless. In fact, the CSU Basic Needs study has found that one in 10 students are homeless. 

Statistics from Basic Needs Program
The Study of Student Basic Needs, published in January 2018, found at 10.9% of Cal State Students reported experiencing homelessness at some point throughout the year.

CSULB has made an effort to help homeless students with services like the Associate Students Inc. Beach Pantry where food is provided for students  in need. Even though this is a step in the right direction, the fact that these students still have to pay tuition is the problem. Because of the pandemic, access to essential programs like the ASI Beach Pantry were modified, leaving students who are most in need, like those who are housing insecure, most affected by the situation.

When people are already finding it difficult to survive in the middle of a pandemic, the costs of tuition can be excruciating. 

Many students have expressed frustration over the fact that the school is continuing building projects even though students aren’t given access to these buildings to begin with. 

If students are trying to survive, why should they have to pay for services that they can’t even use? CSULB has indicated that there are 30-year construction loans that need to be made, but it’s still difficult to defend when students are struggling. 

A breakdown of CA resident tuition costs and non-CA resident tuition costs
A breakdown of fees comparing the costs between California residents and non-California residents. Madalyn Amato/ Daily Forty-Niner

Another big issue facing some students is the fact that out-of-state students still have to pay full tuition, which is more expensive than tuition for in-state students, despite the semester being delivered mainly virtually. 

 Now, even though the university has indicated that there are a few on campus services available, some question as to how this is applicable to students out of state. Out-of-state students getting charged full tuition during a pandemic just seems unethical. 

Everyone is just trying to find ways to survive in this pandemic – especially students. Adding on the cost of tuition is daunting and we as students should constantly question where our money is going, while also understanding that certain prices need to be paid. 

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