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Students spill the tea on how they’re balancing home and school life, all in the same space

Georgina Oceguera

Third year, molecular cell biology/physiology major, chemistry minor

“This semester I am following a daily routine for staying on track with my classes which includes waking up early, going to bed before midnight, and writing down all my assignments for the upcoming week during the weekend. This has helped me stay on track with classes and feel less pressured by knowing what I need to do and when.”


Hannah Peedikayil

Second year, healthcare administration

“With school being online, it’s pretty difficult to separate my home life from my school life. Before this pandemic, my school life was mostly constrained to the campus and to the classroom. Now my room shares both spaces which has definitely been a transition.”


Iris Hang

Second year, criminal justice

“To balance school and home during these stressful times, I’ve resorted to staying up super late, usually until 3am to finish my notes and homework. During the day, I attend my lectures which start early and then end early. This allows me to have the rest of the day to hang out with friends, relax, take up new hobbies, play with my pups, or to do my favorite thing, nap!”

Jazelle Candelaria

Third year, English education graduate

“I take my dog on really long walks. Being outside is a mental resent for me. It’s really hard working and attending school at home, but the outdoors, a good audio book, and my pooch really help me maintain a positive mindset!”

Kelli Nakamura

Second year, Asian American studies

“Even with my workload, I make it a point to work out every day. Exercising regularly helps me destress from classes.”

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