Students spill the tea on how they’re socializing at a distance

Anthony Torres

First-year political science major

“Usually before school started I would go on afternoon walks with my parents. Whenever we came across any neighbors we would wait on the street or cross the street so we wouldn’t have any close interactions with them. Also, when I go to Target, we do drive up pick up in order to minimize contact. If we go to the market or other stores we are not afraid to tell people to please keep their distance from us. If they ask why, we tell them that it’s for their safety as well as ours.”

Veronica Valdez

M.S. in counseling, SDHE third year

“One of my favorite things to do is a picnic at either a local park or the beach. I’ll get a big mat that I have, order a pizza, and sit on opposite ends of the mat with the pizza in the middle. It’s a great way to get outside for a little and see people I haven’t seen in a while.”

Johanna Rodriguez

Fourth-year journalism major

“Many, many FaceTime and Zoom calls. But if I do go out to a certain place, it’s usually with part of my family who I have been quarantined with or by myself, wearing a mask and keeping a distance when chatting with anyone.”

Randy Duke

Third-year film and electronic arts major

“Collectively, as a household, we aren’t allowing guests over at all. We’re isolating ourselves as much as possible from extended family and friends, and limiting our time in public to do our part in slowing the spread.

Personally, I’ve opted to not dine-in at restaurants yet and only do take out. If I want to eat with friends, I’ll meet up in an open space with my camping chair and distance myself that way.

Masks all the time. I always keep one on me when I go out. I won’t go to a place where masks and sanitation aren’t being strictly enforced.

I’ve also been getting exercise by going on walks with my mother and socializing at a distance with friends while bike riding; all with masks. Just doing everything I can to maintain a sense of normality and be safe.”

Lauren Ramirez

Third-year journalism major

“I socialize at a distance if I come in contact with my friends or family members. I believe it’s important to keep your mask on while hanging out and being six feet apart as well.”

Kayla Tanaka

Third-year pre-nutrition and dietetics/nutrition science

“Roller skating, drive-in movies with only those I live with, socially distanced picnics, walking my dog with a friend socially distanced.

I have also gone on a camping trip for about two weeks, taken extreme precaution. Campsites are spread out and people keep to themselves. I only went with one person who I live with.

Outdoor activities we have found to be the most effective for social distance. Hiking, going for walks, skating, biking, etc. That’s about it!”

Francisco Lerma

Fourth-year marketing major

“The one thing I am really about is basketball; I love watching and playing. What some of my close friends and I have been doing is playing a game called “7s”. It is a 3-point shooting oriented game, usually with no more than 4-5 players. We all line up outside the 3 point line and whoever misses the least shots wins the game. The nature of this specific game is perfect for socializing at a distance because there is no contact with other people. Everyone is on their own and spaced out.”

Jessica Torres

Third-year journalism major

“Honestly, I don’t go out of my house very often. However, when I do go out I’m aware of my surroundings, so I can maintain a safe distance from others.”

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