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I wouldn’t consider myself a die-hard astrologist or guru, but I’m fascinated by the stars and how the sun’s location at your birth time affects you. Based on the location of celestial bodies in our solar system, you get a birth chart that corresponds with who you are as a person—how you think, act, what your love language is and how others perceive you. Astrology plays a part in almost every aspect of your life and everything around you.

Astrology ties in with astronomy, as the signs originate from the 12 constellations of the zodiac. When the sun is in one of the 12 signs, that sign rules over that month determining life experiences during that period, with regard to planet placements, lunar phases and so much more.

I love seeing zodiac sign memes on Instagram and TikTok, even YouTubers like AstroKit, that give monthly or yearly horoscopes that give you an outlook on what to expect in the future. When I do watch some of these readings they resonate with me, frequently in a freakish way. A lot of the times these readings call me out.

My first exposure to astrology was when I was about six, my mom got my sister and me Lisa Frank coloring books with the zodiac sign stickers and descriptions, but at the time I thought nothing of it.

In high school, I saw an Instagram post about Scorpios. It said what most astrology posts say: extremely passionate about everything they care about, intense, and brutally honest. I was immediately intrigued because those are three words I’d use to describe myself.

I fell into a rabbit hole of research, and grew more invested in astrology. I was convinced it was real when zodiac readings would start describing traits of the other signs, and I would compare those traits to people in my life who have those corresponding signs. I was astounded because they often act exactly like their sun sign.

Some people may find astrology ‘dumb’ because they don’t believe stars define who you are as a person or how you act, and readings seem vague, but I beg to differ. Astrology goes way past just your sun sign, a lot of people don’t see how complex astrology is which is why people may think it is a hoax.

Everyone has a big three: your sun sign which represents your individuality, your moon sign which represents your inner emotions and your rising sign which represents how others see you.

For instance, my sun is in Scorpio, my moon is in Virgo and my rising or ascendant is in Pisces. My Pisces placement means I’m kind, imaginative and sensitive, and I know plenty of Pisces who share these characteristics. My moon being in Virgo explains why I like to plan out everything and be organized; and my mom is also Virgo.

During most of, if not all readings, you claim what resonates with you, and ignore what doesn’t. At the beginning of readings the readers will tell you to consider your big three, so you’ll want to not only watch the horoscope for your sun, but for your moon and rising signs as well. That way the reading will be holistic and give you in-depth and complex insights.

There’s also apps that give you daily horoscopes after you find your big three. To find your big three, you must know your birth date, birthplace and know the time you were born, which helps the calculator pinpoint the sun, moon and planets’ placements when your time began on Earth.

Astrology can be frighteningly predictive of future events and life events.
Many astrologers even predicted how excruciatingly chaotic 2020 would be despite the lack of specific details, such as the coronavirus pandemic. Astrologers have warned people due to rare and radical planetary shifts, such as every major planet going into retrograde this year.

Some of you may have heard the term retrograde before or hear someone say “Ugh, I blame Mercury in retrograde,” but aren’t sure what that means. When a planet goes in retrograde, it means it’s orbiting in a backward, or reversed motion.

Each planet in the solar system rules over a specific aspect. When Mercury, the planet ruling communication and processing information, goes retrograde for instance people may experience miscommunications and misinterpretations with others, brain fog and even technical difficulties.

Astrologers believe events such as the largest global movement, the uprising of the Black Lives Matter Movement calling for justice and police reform, and the prediction that Election Day, the season finale of this reckless reality show we call 2020, and its aftermath will be spewing chaos is caused by these planetary shifts.

I truly believe the month you were born does have an impact on your personality and everything in between. Astrology is meant to guide you through life’s obstacles. People generally use astrology to gain a better understanding of themselves by figuring out why they’re so sensitive, why they get jealous so easily or why they might have trust issues and refrain from letting people in.

By looking into my sign as a Scorpio, I’ve found out why I hate liars and superficial people so much because Scorpios are so honest, and they expect that honesty and loyalty to be reciprocated in friendships and relationships- this is just the surface.

From October 23 through November 22 it is Scorpio season meaning there’ll be a lot of creative and emotional energy, so embrace vulnerability. There’s usually mysterious and spooky vibes, especially with Halloween.

It’s a great time to embrace transformations, try new things, deepen your relationships with your close friends and loved ones, and make like Marie Kondo and release anything or anyone that no longer serves you, or doesn’t bring you joy.

Whether you’re super spiritual or aren’t ascribed to readings, anyone can still take a step back and reflect on recent life events and experiences while considering astrology as another source of guidance.

Happy Scorpio season!

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