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Letter to the editor: A response to ‘Thank you, Mr. President’

The most recent letter to the editor was met with backlash from the Long Beach State community. In this letter, a CSULB student expressed his admiration for former President Donald J. Trump.

However, while showing his support for the former president, this student also supported some of the former president’s baseless claims, attacked a social justice movement and clearly didn’t understand that the attack on the Capital on Jan. 6 was fueled by the president he supports so much.

In light of that, I wanted to respond to that letter and explain why former President Trump doesn’t deserve to be thanked for the terrible job he did as commander in chief.

Trump recently attacked the democracy our country was founded on and played an essential role in inciting violence in the capital. For weeks he said the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen from him.” Not only that, but on Jan. 6 Congress was at Capitol Hill to certify President Joseph R. Biden’s win, Trump held a rally in Washington and told his supporters to go walk to the Capitol grounds.

“You have to show them your strength” is what Trump told the crowd. With that in mind, you can’t convince me that Trump did not send his supporters to Capitol Hill to stop the certification of the electoral college votes. There is no way to justify that wasn’t Trump’s intention.

In the letter, this student also praised Trump for confirming Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. In reality, Trump didn’t confirm anybody to the Supreme Court, he just nominated her so let’s not give the former president praises for something he didn’t do. He does enough of that on his own.

The statement in the previous letter to the editor stating that the Black Lives Matter protesters hate this country and showed it by destroying property is absurd and downright hurtful. Those that went out to protest police brutality were not the same people that started looting and rioting, they were people that did took advantage of the situation and used it for their own personal gain. There are videos from protesters that clarify this false narrative. These videos make it evident that those who decided to destroy property were not a part of the peaceful protests that happened over the summer.

To say that supporters and allies of the BLM movement “hate this country” was way more than a step too far. As a Black woman, I was utterly disgusted reading that.

How dare you say I hate this country just because I think it’s wrong for police officers to kill unarmed Black people. I’m a law-bidding citizen, I work, I have a full-time job while maintaining a full-time course load. I’m like every other college student right now. I don’t understand how the actions of a few that didn’t associate with BLM dictate how I feel about this country. Our ancestors built this country and there are many Black people that serve in the military to protect this country.

Black people don’t hate America, but we do demand that the United States acknowledge and fix the wrongdoings they have committed towards the Black community.

In conclusion, the student that wrote the love letter to Trump may want to do some more research and really get to know the person who they admire so much. If you need help let me clarify things for you—he’s is an alleged rapist, sexist, a white supremacist supporter and was a terrible commander in chief.

Personally, I’m glad he’s out of the White House.

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