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Letter from the Editor: Journalists can do better

In creating this issue we understood that as non-Black people of color we don’t have the perspectives of Black people, but nonetheless we want to be able to uplift Black voices.

This is not a one-time issue with diverse stories and writers. It is a continued commitment to covering stories that reflect Long Beach State’s and the community’s diversity.

The Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics says to take responsibility for the accuracy of their work and if we as journalists do not accurately report on the diversity in our community, then we should rectify this and begin to do so.

The Code of Ethics also asks us to “consider the long-term implications of the extended reach and permanence” of our work. As such, we acknowledge the Daily Forty-Niner’s impact on the community. We know the value of these stories.

We have the power to inform, reflect and describe what happens on our campus. It is our duty to use our platform to elevate these stories and voices. That has not always been the case in the history of the paper. But as people of color, we have a responsibility to put diversity at the forefront of what we do.

The SPJ also states that journalists must always treat people as “human beings deserving of respect,” and this may not be reflected across newsrooms in America. However, we are hoping to be part of that change.

The idea of journalistic objectivity is the assumption that white people can be objective in their coverage of diverse communities and that people of color can’t. We want to challenge that.

We know it takes a level of understanding and empathy to be able to accurately tell the stories of our own communities.

We are not part of the Black community, but in solidarity we want to celebrate Black excellence in this issue.

We are always looking for diverse stories, perspectives and contributors. If you would like to contribute to our special issues, email Peter at [email protected].

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