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Spill the Tea: How are students preparing for finals?

Photo credit: Georgie Smith

Yasmine Salgado

Fourth-year studio art major

“I would say that time management is key. It’s easier said than done but making sure that you are taking care of yourself is important. Your mental health comes first, and whatever happens with your finals, it’s not the end of the world.”

Photo credit: Georgie Smith

Nate Talampas

Third-year economic math major

“I like to start by making a schedule on what finals I need to prepare for the most, and then make a to-do list that caters to that time frame. While studying, it’s important to give yourself breaks so that nothing gets too overwhelming.”

Photo credit: Georgie Smith

Diana Ramirez

Fourth-year art major

“I’m an art student so my finals are a bit different, but I’ve pretty much just been staying up late, working on my projects, and spending time outside of class to get everything that I need to do finished.”

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Chiedozie Uchegbulam

Third-year mechanical engineering major

“Finals are stressful but one way that I am preparing is by getting tutored from now until the time that they are over.”

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Marissa Lovato

First-year psychology major

“I am preparing by staying at the library all week until 2 a.m. I love that there is going to be extended hours. I think having this extra time to study is going to be super helpful.”

Photo credit: Georgie Smith

Jerrid Trama

Third-year business finance major

“The main thing that I’m doing to prepare for finals is staying up in the library and grinding out all the work that I need to do.”

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