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Influential Tunes: Peekaboo strengthened my love for music

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a type of music that I have listened to my whole life, but never really dove deep into until 2016.

Within EDM there are countless genres and subgenres for people to enjoy such as house, dubstep, or trance music.

Personally, I love experimental bass and dubstep because I love heavy bass that I can feel surge throughout my body. My love for these genres combined with my love for finding new music is how I found my favorite artist, Peekaboo.

Matthew Lucas, better known as Peekaboo, is a Dubstep DJ who made his debut in 2017 when he dropped his first 3-track EP titled “Revenge.”

Within this EP he shows his range as a freeform bass producer and it immediately drew my attention. He had a unique style that stood out and at that time it was unlike anyone else in the game.

“His 2018 single ‘Babatunde,’ co-produced by Detroit’s G-Rex, became a hit throughout the EDM world, and his two 2019 EPs, Impossible and Wrecking Ball, reached the Top Ten of Billboard’s Dance/Electronic charts,” according to All Music, an in-depth music website.

As a DJ – or anyone in the music industry for that matter – it’s important to persist and be consistent with your art so that you don’t lose your spark. I admire Peekaboo so much for not only his talent but his ability to be so diverse within a community that can be hard to progress in.

He understood the assignment, continued making music and by 2018 his name was widely known within the EDM community.

That same year, Peekaboo released three remixes, two EPs and a 40-minute mix for Halloween. He received amazing feedback from the community and it jump-started his career as a producer and DJ.

“Three minutes of experimentalism seem to fly by as the ears are greeted with wobbly, abstract runs of bass and hollow hits of synth,” said Christina Hernandez, a writer for Dancing Astronaut. “He drives the track forward with encouraging vocal clips, expertly placed before each drop to elicit maximum frenzy.”

Peekaboo at Wakaan Festival 2019.
Peekaboo at Wakaan Festival 2019. Photo credit: Julia Simpson

My first time being able to see a set of his was at Nocturnal Wonderland 2019, and let me tell you he did not disappoint. I was at the front center rail, directly in front of Peekaboo, surrounded by all the people that I love and all I kept thinking to myself was, “Is this heaven?”

Since then I have seen him around 10 times, and every time he continues to evolve and blow my mind with his musical abilities.

When I was at my lowest, his music brought me a sort of happiness that nothing else could give me. I met so many friends who share the same love for his music, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

Some of my favorite festival memories are at his sets, and I feel so lucky to be existing at the same time as him and his music.

I had the opportunity to meet him this year at the last stop of his Black Hole tour at Exchange LA and it was truly one of the best nights of my life.

Peekaboo signing my jersey at his Black Hole Tour.
Peekaboo signing my jersey at his Black Hole Tour 2022. Photo credit: Julia Simpson

On top of meeting him, talking to him about how much I admire him, and him signing my merchandise, he played all of my favorite songs including “Here With Me.”

Peekaboo has a sincere smile that welcomes you with respect and it was amazing to see how much he cared about what I had to say to him.

If Peekaboo ever plays around your city, I highly recommend attending one of his shows. Check him out on Soundcloud or Spotify and explore what all the hype is about; I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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