Vin Scully, lost but never forgotten

On Tuesday, Aug. 2, all was well. The Los Angeles Dodgers were playing their longtime rivals, the San Francisco Giants. The game was enjoyable to watch as the Dodgers were on top, but in the middle of the game, the world was completely blindsided as the news broke out about one of the most treasured people in the history of sports. The one and only, Vin Scully, has passed away.

This tragedy was almost impossible to believe for the people of Los Angeles.

It was Kobe Bryant in 2020 and now in 2022 it’s Scully. These two icons were both idolized and admired, but now with this news, the City of Angels was left heartbroken.

In the timespan of 67 years, from 1949-2016, Scully had serenaded the nation with his voice. He broadcasted not only baseball games, but also NFL games for CBS Sports and several golf events for TBS.

There was nothing Scully couldn’t do. There was no limit to his greatness. His achievements have made him arguably the best broadcaster in history.

In 1992, he was inducted in the American Sportscasters Association. He was later labeled the Sportscaster of the Century in 2000. He even has his own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

With every game he broadcasted he always brought hospitality no matter how or where you heard him. Whether it was through the radio or through your television, it was as if he was right there with you talking about the game.

However, he didn’t just want to tell you about the game, he wanted you to get hooked on the game. The amount of anticipation that he would build up followed by his flawless delivery would have you at the edge of you seat with every pitch and every play.

Scully was, has been, and forever will be, the soundtrack for the city of Los Angeles. Even now that he’s gone, his voice still rings throughout the City of Angels and at the Chavez Ravine. If you listen closely, you’ll probably be able to hear one of his most famous phrases, “It’s time for Dodger baseball!”

When you talk about the Dodgers and the team’s history, you have to bring up Scully. It’s just a given because of how long he has been apart of the franchise.

Scully was there for every historic moment the Dodgers have had. He saw some of the best to ever put on a Dodger uniform: Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, Tommy Lasorda, and even today with Clayton Kershaw.

He has witnessed all seven championships the team has won dating back in 1955 when the team was in Brooklyn. Even though he wasn’t broadcasting at the time, he still saw the Dodgers win their first World Series in 32 years in 2020.

The news of his death brought the entire sports world together. Hall of Famers such as Magic Johnson and Derek Jeter expressed their condolences.

Teams within the MLB also paid tribute to Scully before their games as fans stood and applauded to pay their respects.

Dodger fans gathered at Vin Scully Avenue to pay their respects and hold a memorial in honor of his life and legacy. It was truly a touching moment.

It was also the one time that many on social media, no matter what teams they were fans of, came together and mourned the death of a legend.

In Scully’s farewell message, he said that he always needed us more than we ever needed him, but he was wrong. We needed him way more than he could’ve possibly imagined.

Dodger fans lost someone special. Los Angeles lost someone special. Baseball fans lost someone special, and the sports world lost someone special. An amazing human being, a man of the people, Vin Scully made us love the game more than we ever did before. The world of sports will never forget him.

Rest in peace to the greatest to ever do it, may his spirit continue to roam freely in the city of Los Angeles forever.

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