Spill the Tea: What students think about Queen Elizabeth

Gabby Juarez

Third-year communications major

“Given that she was a female leader in a world full of male leaders is incredible, but I think the emotion I’m feeling more is for the countries that she colonized. We think of colonization as an era of world history that was before us but she was an active participant. It’s really bizarre to see people fawn over her. A lot of people here think her death doesn’t affect us, but I think it does because now that King Charles III is in charge, what will his relationship with our leaders look like?”

Estefania Aranda

First-year aerospace engineering major

“I personally didn’t like her but she had a very strong role for so long that I don’t know how the people who follow up after her are going to fit in her shoes.”

Haroula Taktikos

Fourth-year business management major

“She wasn’t actually that bad. She was really smart and a really good queen too. She only did shit she had to do but also a lot of the things she did do, bad or good, wasn’t her choice. The government played a role in the decision making. But it depends on the way you want to see it.”

JJ Ignacio

Third-year sociology major

“The queen was involved in colonization of parts of Africa and other countries so I’m not sad that she’s gone. I just don’t agree with monarchs. It’s like a reflection of an outdated system of feudalism and I feel like the royal family has been viewed as celebrities more than actual agents of power.”

Alexandra Recinos

First-year undeclared student

”All I care about is what’s going to happen to her corgis now that she’s gone.”

Diego Lievanos

Third-year speech and language pathology major

“It [The Royal Family] feels like a reality show put on by the country’s government. People are like ‘oh you have to be so sad or have some opinion about the queen dying’ but I don’t know how to feel. I don’t really know much about her besides being viewed as a celebrity figure. I feel like the other countries that are technically under the rule of the UK are expected to feel a certain way for their queen too.”




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