Life is short, so keep moving forward

By Nyla Manuel (Guest Writer)

Imagine driving down the street on a Sunday afternoon. The road is smooth, the lanes are clear and green lights are shining at you from afar. You take a peek into your rear-view mirror for caution and there it is.

Everything you’ve been suppressing is right behind you; there’s fire, pure destruction.

Strays of gray smoke begin to float right in front of you. You can choose not to look at it but the scent will always follow. It won’t go away until you fix it, so what do you do?

Take a good look at your past. That is, specifically into your relationships with people. Regardless if it’s an ex, current lover, best friend, family member or co-worker, consider those in your life that are worth caring about.

I’m not here to dismiss conflicts that are irreconcilable or condone poor behavior, but think about how we always repeat, “life is too short,” whenever someone we love dies. Yes, the phrase is self-explanatory but I think we should practice acting on it.

Of course, death is an uncomfortable topic to discuss for most. I’ve had my own reflection on it a few weeks ago where I found myself asking my parents, siblings and friends: what happens to us when we leave here?

I’m still unsure, but as scary as it sounds, I can only accept the unknown.

Take into consideration the power of saying the words “I love you” more often, and becoming vulnerable enough to admit when you miss someone.

If it isn’t detrimental to your well-being, lose the grudge and decide whether or not it’s worth a simple conversation. The worst feeling is to carry your pride longer and higher than the relationships you value.

It’s a fact that no one is perfect, but it’s also true that death is permanent. The decision to move forward is ours.

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