Single and ready for self-love

Stress, expectations and disappointment, these are some common feelings for single people on a day geared only toward couples.

In the time leading up to Valentine’s Day, single people tend to dismiss the holiday and act like they are anti-love. This is understandable though as the day has always just focused on couples, rather than on mental health and self-love.

A big reason for this added stress is the overwhelming pressure to be in a relationship, but why does the holiday have to be all about having a partner? The truth is, it doesn’t!

It is 2023 and time for a change, so whether you’re single or taken this year, it’s time to put yourself first. People always say there is nothing to do as a single person on this holiday but in reality, the possibilities are endless when you look at it as just another day to love yourself.

Here are some things that single people can do this Valentine’s Day:

First off, pamper yourself.

Whether that’s having a night in and ordering takeout, reading a new book in your coziest pajamas or putting on your favorite movie, do something that makes you feel good. Self-care is always a great option as well, put on a face mask and take a bath, or treat yourself to a nice massage or mani-pedi.

Go to the store and buy yourself those gorgeous flowers that have been all over your feed this month, then go home and bake your favorite dessert. Your space will soon enough be filled with that warm, loving scent. You could even light a candle to make everything feel more like home.

Go out!

For my extroverts, have a night out on the town with your favorite single girls, guys and theys! If you’d rather stay to yourself, you could also go out on your own, maybe visit your favorite restaurant and indulge in your best comfort foods.

The movie theatre is also a perfect self-love solo date, sit back, relax and snack on all your favorite childhood candies.

You could also do nothing.

Believe it or not, there is nothing wrong with doing nothing on a holiday. Social media has created such a pressure to have this huge day planned and do all of these post-worthy things, but who is that really pleasing?

The truth is, a lot of those cute Instagram posts that you see are just highlight reels of someone’s day.

This year we need to shift gears and move on to doing what we truly want. Be intuitive and listen to yourself, whether you want to go out or stay in is your own decision.

Mental health and self love are so important, especially on days like Valentine’s Day. Focus this year on the things that make you as an individual happy, and feed your soul the way it deserves to be fed.

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