Stay woke… or maybe don’t?

Don’t get me wrong. Always stay aware, educated and knowledgeable. But sleep is important.

Speaking from experience, the more sleep you get, the more you’re able to function throughout the day. Being neglectful of the rest you require could eventually lead to someone’s demise.

Not to scare anybody, but the absence of proper slumber could reflect on you physically, as well. Soon enough the dark circles and eye bags will make their appearance in the mirror and there’s no going back. I guess it’s safe to say that sleep is a rather crucial aspect to someone’s daily routine.

I’ve had issues with my sleep schedule since I was in middle school. Saying I always got the full eight to nine hours every night would be a lie. Even when looking at my routine now, it’s anything but consistent. Some nights it’s possible for me to sleep as early as 9 p.m., but other nights I won’t knock out until four in the morning.

Circling back to the more significant narrative, the goal is to try to get as much sleep as you can. Some tips I could provide would be to relieve yourself of any stresses that have the potential of keeping you up at night. Whether it be a homework assignment, a report for work, a chore that’s yet to be done, eliminate and minimize the tension.

There is a certain stigma surrounding college students saying that stress is practically a lifestyle. As a student myself, I know that lifestyle all too well, so I get it! At the end of the day though, your health, both mental and physical, matter most. Everyone deserves a break, thus everyone deserves sleep.

Let’s say, hypothetically, you miraculously end up falling asleep around 9-10 p.m. and you wake up the next morning rejuvenated, recharged and ready for the day. This then raises another issue of maintaining this newfound sense of rest.

A tip I have for this is constructing a nightly routine that works for you. That could look like doing chores, then taking a shower, then doing homework, then getting ready for bed to finally fall asleep. The beauty of it lies in figuring out what works for you, and that could take time, so don’t be afraid to test out different things.

It’s also good to note that someone else’s routine may not work for you, but works for them and vice versa. No two people are exactly the same, so no two routines are going to be identical.

If you’re going to take anything away from this, it should be that sleep plays a major part in being able to tackle your day in a happy and healthy manner!

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