Don’t fall for the Dunk hype

The rise of prices in the sneaker market has skyrocketed in the past few years, but we all know what the most worn shoes are nowadays and I don’t believe in the hype.

The Nike Dunks have recently woken up from the dead, as Nike decided to release an infinite amount of pairs of the Nike Dunk Lows in 2021.

The simplicity of the Dunk Lows quickly led to its popularity on social media. Many people used these platforms to share their own individual stylings of the shoe, highlighting its unique colorways.

I fell for the hype and bought four pairs of dunks myself, spending exactly $1,036.07. It still haunts me to this day.

Two of the pairs that I had purchased were gifts for my partner, but of the two that I got for myself, I hardly wore. I ended up selling them after a couple of months.

The Nike Dunk Low is a nice-looking sneaker, but it is not worth its resale price. According to Stock X, the retail price for the sneaker is $100 to $110, but the average resale price is around $290.

The materials that are used in the sneakers are some of the cheapest and most uncomfortable leather ever from a Nike silhouette. They are stiff and after wearing them for hours, my feet felt like I was walking barefoot on rocks.

One of the main reasons that the shoe is so stiff is the leather on the toe box. The whole upper body of the shoe is leather, but it feels cheap, almost like a fake sneaker or a replica. The shoes also crease very easily, further proving how low-quality the material is.

The only positive thing I can really say about the Dunk Low is that it is a nice-looking shoe. Nike has made tons of colorways, ranging from colorful and loud to simple and basic. It caters to both minimalists and the people who like to wear colors.

Overall though, the inflation of the market price for these sneakers is way too high.

With how cheap the materials are and how uncomfortable the shoe is, paying triple the retail price just doesn’t seem right.

You could also try to find them on retail, but it might be difficult as sneaker resellers have grown to be more prominent in the last couple of years. To be quite honest, you are probably better off saving your money.

Don’t make the same mistake I did and fall for the hype, the Nike Dunk Low is not worth it.

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