Class of ’23 shares differing perspectives on the CSULB experience

College is a transformative time in many people’s lives. Often times spent finding oneself, planning for the future and making lifelong friends and connections along the way.

As graduation at Long Beach State approaches, many students find themselves reflecting on their experiences here on campus.

When asked if their time attending CSULB was worth it, three graduating students shared differing perspectives.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the class of 2023 spent a portion of their college careers remotely.

For Madeleine Evans, a business marketing major, the virtual experience wasn’t what she had initially imagined for herself going into college. Upon returning to in-person class, she was able to make the most of the time she had left.

“While we were online, I wasn’t having the best experience,” said Evans. “At first, I was hesitant to join clubs and organizations on campus. But eventually, I convinced myself. It definitely improved my experience overall.”

Sophia Perez, a studio art major, expressed that the social relationships she’s made throughout her college career were impactful.

“I personally was part of a sorority and the Animated Film and Production Association,” Perez said. “My favorite thing that I gained from college would honestly have to be my friends.”

Creating lasting social connections is a defining aspect of college life. Aside from this though, the quality of the academic resources that are offered by the university is a priority for many college students looking to both succeed in their classes and thrive in their careers.

Enoki Nguyen received her bachelor’s degree in philosophy eight years ago and has since returned to CSULB to obtain her master’s degree.

When reflecting on her college career, she noted that the University Writing Center was a useful resource.

“The University Writing Center was extremely helpful in navigating the structures of philosophical writing, which has a different format than essays for most other disciplines,” said Ngyuen.

Ngyuen also reflected on the ways that the professors in the philosophy department helped support her academic and professional career.

“There are a number of faculty here that I extend my gratitude to for providing me with the knowledge and wisdom I can take into my life and future career,” she said.

Evans also spoke positively of the faculty and the experience she’s had with professors while at CSULB.

“There were several tutors and advisors that offered to help me succeed,” said Evans. “I was always eager to engage with professors and students in classes.”

While Nguyen and Evans shared a mostly positive experience with the academic resources provided, Perez was critical of her own experience with the resources offered to her through her program, raising concerns about her ability to make connections in the art industry throughout her time at CSULB.

“I know that art is a hard field to get into, but I wish we had more connections,” said Perez. “The professors were amazing, but it really felt like there wasn’t anything there for me in the job fair department.”

While there were some criticisms about certain aspects of Long Beach State, all three students expressed having an overwhelmingly positive experience at the university.

When asked if attending CSULB was worth it, the answer was a resounding “yes.”

“Attending CSULB was worth it. I have made friends and connections here that I will take with me for the rest of my life,” said Nguyen.

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