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Never a dull moment in Shoreline Village

Located in downtown Long Beach, the Pike Outlets have a plethora of activities, shops, and eateries to choose. Whether it’s to kill time or spend a day, Shoreline Village and its waterfront provide a myriad of ventures to cater to any demographic.

For instance, when exploring the Pike itself, there are many outlets to satisfy any desire for retail therapy. From Cotton On to H&M, there are stores that cater to all age groups.

There is also a Cinemark movie theater located on the perimeter of the second floor for those willing to take a break from wandering the surrounding shops. Though not too far from the theater is the Laugh Factory where there’s always a chance to catch a live comedy show.

Although the Queen Mary has been closed for a while now, the Shoreline Village outlining the area has yet to die down. The colorful shops, run by small business owners, are easy to locate as they nestle themselves on top of the water adjacent to nearby restaurants and boat rentals.

A wonderful hidden gem to keep in mind would be the Love Locks Bridge on the boardwalk. Couples, friends and family can attach a padlock to the bridge as a way to signify their relationships.

Why walk when you can pedal? There is also an opportunity for locals and tourists to rent “quadricycles” to explore the area and appreciate the scenery as a leisure activity.

Perhaps a group of friends needs to recoup over some good food along the shoreline. Yardhouse, Parker’s Lighthouse, Tequila Jack’s and more local restaurants can do just that.

Once the day’s agenda is fulfilled, there are many places to sit and watch the sunset before gathering oneself before heading home. It could be the Pike’s signature ferris wheel or any of the benches along the waterfront.

No matter the reason for going, there is lots to look forward to at Shoreline Village where boredom is nonexistent.

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