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Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday, Daily Forty-Niner!

As a freshman and newly decided journalism major of Long Beach State eager to contribute to any publication on campus, I sat at my computer and sent emails asking if anyone would want me. The Daily Forty-Niner happened to be the only publication that responded and said it would want me to contribute. I never imagined myself as an editor here a couple of semesters later. 

However, I am only one of many who share some life experiences with this newspaper, whether these experiences are good or bad. This issue recounts some of these many experiences from former Forty-Niner journalists, designers and advisers. 

Reading through these personal essays, it surprised me how many things have not changed. We are still here just about every day until late at night, going crazy after hours of being in our slightly cramped newsroom, sweating over the pressure of deadlines. A lot of the stories we report on are still the same: the Native American community and Puvungna, parking issues, structures on campus and whether or not they are safe, Associated Students Inc. I guess our school never really changes. 

And we do it all for the campus community. Because we believe everyone deserves to know about and understand their campus.

As a journalist, I know I’m supposed to keep my bias out of a lot of things. But I will say I do love this newspaper and the family I have here. I’m sure they feel the same way. 

Hannah Getahun,

Special Projects Editor

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