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Students spill the tea on who they want to win the Democratic Primary

By Eric Watson-Bailey and Miguel Barragan

Question: Who do you want to win the Democratic Primary and why?

Citlali Monarrez, third-year business management major 

“Most likely Bernie. I haven’t been super involved in everything, but I’m more of a liberal person. I really like his ideals, including free healthcare, free education, and I know there’s things you do have to do for that. It doesn’t just appear. It’s not easy, but I think he’s the most ideal for this country.”

Emory Harkins, first-year graphic design major

“I think right now I’m planning on voting for Bernie Sanders. Me and my mom talked about it, and she voted for Bernie in the last election, and if his stances are still the same as they were in the last election… He’s a really strong candidate and he’s doing really well right now. Voting for someone else isn’t wasting my vote, but I want to vote for a more popular candidate.

Maria Romo, fourth-year communications major

“Honestly I don’t think there is a really good candidate right now, I don’t think that anyone is suitable to take on Trump and I think Trump is going to get reelected. That’s the unfortunate truth. We’ve already dealt with him for four years, but the economy is still strong in some areas and people don’t see a reason as to why he shouldn’t be reelected. The impeachment trials gave him more access and made him a stronger candidate. As much as I would like to say there is somebody who should be elected in his place, I don’t think that is possible right now.

Issac Llamas third-year political science

“My top candidate is Bernie Sanders, no doubt. He was my [pick] in the 2016 election and I like him even more now. But, I’ve also considered that in the 2016 election, Bernie was kind of divisive and so I’m also looking for someone who can bring parties together. And I know that Elizabeth Warren is [a good candidate for that].”

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