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Students share their postgraduate career goals

For Alina Maulenova, postgraduate life includes owning a coffee shop in Korea one day.

A third-year international student from Kazakhstan, Maulenova studies business management at Long Beach State after her university in Korea granted her the opportunity to study in the United States.

“I don’t think you need to study for a graduate degree in business,” MauIenova said. “I feel like it’s more practical, like, you need to gain experience from [it]. I don’t know why I would need a PhD to open a coffee shop.”

Alina Maulenova, 3rd year, major in Business Management
Alina Maulenova, 3rd year, majors in Business Management and she hopes to open a coffee shop in Korea after she graduates. Photo credit: Tin Huynh

When she arrived to the U.S., Maulenova said she felt at ease and calm despite it being her first time in a Western country.

She said that she appreciates the California weather as opposed to Korea, where it is more polarizing.

Brandon Miura is a fourth-year student studying speech language pathology. When he graduates with his bachelor’s degree, he would like to move on to graduate school to pursue a degree in physical therapy.

When considering a career path in health services, Miura said he picked speech language pathology as a safe degree that he could find a set job in.

“The speech language pathology degree is something I could fall on,” Miura, who has experience in working as a behavior interventionist, said. “My choice that I would like to pursue and that I have a passion for, physical therapy, just takes time.”

Brandon Miura, 4th year, major in Speech-language Pathology
Brandon Miura, 4th year, major in Speech-language Pathology Photo credit: Tin Huynh

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