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Large corporations help employees reduce student debt with financial assistance programs

Large corporations, including Taco Bell and Disney, are just some of the many places students can look into to pursue a postgraduate degree.

Graduate school may be expensive to attend, but there are opportunities from employers to help cover tuition costs.

According to College Confidential, five companies that cover the full cost of tuition for employees at select schools are Starbucks, Disney, Chipotle, Amazon and UPS.

If an employee is working part-time or full-time at Disney parks, they can qualify for their Disney Aspire program. Where 100% of tuition is paid upfront for schools that network with Disney, according to the Disney Aspire web page.

Disney is not expecting their employees to continue their schooling based on their current position. They want to help prepare their employees for an evolving job market.

On the other hand, Taco Bell has the Live Más Scholarship that supports employee’s goals to become innovators, creators and dreamers. The scholarship gave out nearly $7 million this past year to employees around the nation, according to the Live Más Scholarship information page. They also have the Live Más Scholarships Renewal Program for previous recipients that have received the scholarship.

UPS also helps part-time and full-time employees to cover the cost of tuition.

UPS offers the UPS Earn and Learn Program, a tuition assistance for all employees the day they begin working where employees are able to earn up to $25,000 from UPS to help continue their education, according to the company website.

These commonly known companies have put their employee’s education in their best interest by helping to relieve their stress about debt.

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