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Letter from the Editor

In this issue of the Daily Forty-Niner, our stories are united under one overarching theme: intercultural representation. The articles contributed highlight a wide range of the cultures present in Long Beach as well as Long Beach State such as the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, the Native American community and the Black community.

As journalists, it is our responsibility to share the stories of our community and adequately represent each culture, belief, identity, perspective and more in the stories we write. Therefore, in this edition, our main goal was to shed light on these cultures and share their stories in an intersectional, accessible and respectful manner.

A few of our stories include an opinion piece about being mixed race, a news piece about representation within the House of Representatives and an arts story about the influence of Black culture in music.

At the Daily Forty-Niner, representation in our reporting as well as in the newsroom is extremely important to us and we are dedicated to continue encouraging inclusivity in the stories we produce and the work we do.

It is my hope that sharing these stories will help to educate the students and faculty of CSULB about the beauty of different cultures as well as the experiences faced within those different from your own.

That being said, there are many more articles about intercultural representation that we would like to highlight as the semester goes on. Students interested in pitching a story about intercultural representation can email me directly at [email protected] and we can further discuss these ideas. Your ideas are welcomed and your voice deserves to be heard.

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