70th Anniversary

Editor’s note: Celebrating 70 years of CSULB

Happy Birthday, Long Beach State! 

Long Beach State started from a dingy apartment building in 1949 to what is now Park Estates, and later transformed the plots of farmland near the former Bixby Ranch to a sprawling university campus. Hundreds of thousands of students later, it’s time again to take a step back and look at where we’ve come from.  

The Daily Forty-Niner staff wanted to accurately examine the unique histories that came from this institution. This means that some of the stories in here are light-hearted: Campus squirrels and ‘90s sports are great examples. But some of them take a more critical view of the past and how integral campus activism and determined students, faculty and staff were in enacting necessary change. 

The celebration starts with the special issue, which will be on campus stands all week. It continues online, where stories will be posted throughout the week. Make sure to check out daily49er.com for more content. 

CSULB, you aren’t perfect, and your history has had a lot of ups-and-downs and twists-and-turns. There is still much to be done. But looking back we can see where we went right, where we went wrong, what we forgot and what we need to remember.  

To many more years of CSULB. 

Hannah Getahun, Special Projects Editor 

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