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Letter from the Editor

My last year at Long Beach State feels as though it’s decades away, but I know this next school year will pass by quickly and I will be a fourth-year faced with the same questions as many undergraduate students. Will I go to graduate school? Should I apply? Can I afford it? Is it worth it? What are my options? Who can help me?

With many graduate school applications opening up, I sympathize with fourth-years at LBSU during this stressful time. I encourage each and every student to consider all their possible options before deciding to apply to graduate school, such as certificate programs, internships or jumping straight into the workforce. Everyone is different and not all of our paths look the same.

The graduate school issue of the Daily Forty-Niner aims to inform students about the opportunities graduate school can offer, how to succeed as a graduate student and much more in order to keep students on track and focused on their future.

It is my hope that students at LBSU use this issue as a learning tool to better prepare themselves for the future, no matter what year they’re in. It’s never too late or too early to begin planning for the future, I encourage you all to consider your future plans and which paths align with your goals. The options are endless, and although it may be intimidating at first, I look forward to exploring them alongside you all.

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