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Eat Clean at Natura Bowls on Second Street

CSULB students in search of a healthy place to eat near campus have the opportunity to visit Natura Bowls, located at 5353 2nd St. Suite B, Long Beach.

Established only two miles from CSULB, Natura Bowls is the perfect place for CSULB students and the Long Beach community to stop by when craving one of the world’s healthiest breakfasts, acai and pitaya bowls.

“All of our bowls are 100 percent fruit,” Annika Wade, a three-year employee and local resident, said. “It’s blended frozen fruit with fresh ingredients on top so if you’re looking for something cold, kind of like ice cream but healthier, this is the spot.”

Natura Bowls has a variety of toppings and bases to chose from.
Natura Bowls has a variety of toppings and bases to chose from. Photo credit: Jorge Villa

Natura Bowls currently has three locations in Southern California, with one in Long Beach, one in the Los Alamitos and one in Tustin. All three locations are surrounded by schools, which gives them the benefit of having students as their main customer base. As a result, there is a high demand for fresh acai bowls and smoothies during the school year.

“I’ve been working here for three years, and there is always CSULB students coming in as well as Long Beach City College students coming in to get something fresh,” Wade said.

Employees have also noticed a trend of customers coming in after their morning and afternoon workouts.

“People come in after their morning runs, then around noon we get busy,” Wade said. “We have high protein options for a healthy snack after working out.”

Natura Bowls also offers a wide variety of bowl options, including the Super Purple Acai Bowl which integrates acai, strawberry, banana, chia pudding, and coconut milk. Customers can also opt to build their owl bowl with different ingredients and toppings. The toppings include granola, honey and fresh fruit.

“We have ones that are picked out with certain toppings so if you like one of those preconstructed, we have that. Otherwise you can build your own, where you can pick your own base, we’ll blend it up and have it made to order,” Wade said. “Then, we come and top it with whatever toppings you like.”

For more information, visit Natura Bowls at their website.

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