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Local cannabis dispensary delivers first-rate shopping experience for the wee(d)kend

The Circle, named after Traffic Circle, strives to produce the freshest flower at an affordable price. While shopping for a wide range of high-quality recreational cannabis, cannabis extracts or cannabis-infused products, customers get a sneak peek at their cultivation facility.

Co-owners Cliff Harrison and Justin Suitor opened the doors to The Circle on March 1, 2019. Being in business for five years and having a storefront for two years, The Circle is best known for its unique growing site and its strategic customer service experience to serve any level of cannabis user.

Whether you are a person who indulges in smoking weed or someone who’d rather consume it, The Circle carries products for all types of consumption. In-store and online, topicals, vaporizers, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates and, of course, flowers are available for purchase.

Non-smoking products are perfect for anyone who suffers from pain and anxiety. This helps people relieve their stress without the feeling of a high. The shop also sells pet tinctures for animals who suffer from separation anxiety or any other disability.

Averaging about 500 customers per day, The Circle runs on “the fulfillment system”. Customers start off at the counter of the product they wish to look at with the store’s easy-to-follow signage, have a one-on-one experience with the budtender and lastly go to the register to purchase.

Close up of Hex Shaping Cannabis. The Circle's cannabis brand.
Close up of Hex Shaping Cannabis. The Circle's cannabis brand. Photo credit: Taylor Aldape

By the time it’s their turn at the cashier, their product will be sealed and ready to take home. The creates a smooth flow for the staff while fulfilling the customer’s needs, whether they are in a rush or have a few questions.

“What we try to achieve by allowing the staff on the floor is that every guest has their questions answered and doesn’t feel uncomfortable walking into a place they might not be familiar with,” Harrison said.

The Circle handcrafts its own brand of flower, Hex cannabis, in-store. Visiting customers get a firsthand look at the stages of cultivation with their massive and unique growing rooms. This gives The Circle the freedom to have competitive prices and provide Long Beach residents with a 30% discount. In addition, CSULB students receive a 10% discount on their entire purchase.

Inside "the grow" The Circle&squot;s in-store cultivation facility
Inside "the grow" The Circle's in-store cultivation facility Photo credit: Taylor Aldape

Shoppers must be 21 and over. If customers are under 21, they must have a valid doctor’s recommendation medical marijuana card. The Circle provides a link to receive a free recommendation card on their website.

The store is located at 1755 Ximeno Avenue. For more information, products and merchandise, visit their website at

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