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Root Chakra Healing

Root Chakra Healing

“I believe health and being well begins at the level of core energy within my body.”

~Shannon Paige~

Did you know that your spiritual self has subtle energy centers aligned in the core centers of your body?  Starting at the base of your spine and continuing up to the crown of your head, each of these centers called “Chakra” corresponds to major nerves within your physical body, as well as your psychological and unseen energetic state of being. When your chakras are in alignment and fully awakened, the energy flows easily, smoothly and peacefully throughout the core meridians of your physical body.  So doesn’t it make sense that our unseen true-spiritual-self energy finds a balance or imbalance with the human-physical-self aspects of our being?  Picture a yin-and-yang of Spirit & Form working together to create the life you’re getting…of course that means positive and negative manifests equally depending on where energy is being sourced, how it’s being used, and finally what it’s showing up as.

Your true-self by default wants to achieve balance, contentment and happiness within your life; however, old programing, wounding, family dynamics, relationships and so much more can throw knotted up energy into the wheel and energetically clog it, so it’s essential to pay attention to your chakras and to keep them open in order for the flow to move fluidly throughout your body. When there is blockage or clog in the chakra wheel, energy is unable to go through without coagulation therefore building up and starting a reaction of fear-based actions rather than love-based.  

Maintaining balance and openness can be challenging, no doubt, but with mindfulness and intention you hold the power to shift, awaken, re-calibrate and therefore improve your whole-soul wellbeing and manifest the life you desire.  It’s actually more science than spirituality!

While we’re living this linear physical life on Earth it is the root chakra which shows us our manifested experiences.  That which we see out-pictured in our life is exactly where the seen and unseen energy has been participating, matched and ultimately manifested.   Because we are in this life together, we are affected by other’s energy as well.  Sometimes those energies program or wound us in ways which we subconsciously hold on to and use as a field of protection so we don’t feel pain again.  We hang on to what we fear in this regard; therefore, we close ourselves off to learning, growing, moving forward and tapping into our highest good.  When we continue to allow past experiences to govern the future, we create imbalance in our soul centers.  Not just the root, but it affects all chakras eventually…causing dis-ease.  This is the reason Chakra balancing is very important. 

Reiki Cleanse, Balance & Awaken ~ Cleansing, clearing, balancing and activating the chakras is a powerful reiki session I offer which extracts stress and anxiety, instills peace and harmony within the energy centers.  It’s a tangible effect that is felt throughout our bodies and in our daily lives.

Chakra Readings for Deep Inquiry ~ A Chakra Reading is an oracle card reading where you can ask a specific question or let the Universe tell you what you need to know and focus on for your healing or ascension.  Each Chakra is a portal we can go into and discover the core programming and/or karmic imprint of your life; thereby identifying where to start for a shift in experience.  

Awakening Your Chakras Through Coaching ~ This is a powerful partnership in intentional creation of long-term permanent change.  You are the focus of each hour as you talk about what you’re experiencing and are guided.  Then we will inquire as to hidden contracts, child/adulthood wounding or receive direction and messages through Readings.  And finally, we will extract old programming and unseen energy that’s not serving for the highest good through Reiki.  This is an ongoing full-circle whole-soul therapy for inside and out healing.

No matter the session needed, together, we will embark on an expedition to discover your True Self which, if you decide to do the work, can and will change your life. 

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