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ASI Election

Involvement, that’s what Aaron Elimelech, marketing manager of Associated Students, Inc., said he hopes students gain from this year’s ASI student government elections.

“We just want to make sure that they’re involved just like they’re involved in the elections for the United States or for local elections,” Elimelech said. “That they’re involved in the process and they’re selecting leaders, researching their issues, their platforms and the things that they’re passionate about and making the right decision.”

The theme of this year’s election, #makeyourmark, echoes Elimelech’s sentiments.

“There’s so many different things that we see our student leaders do,” Elimelech said. “And that’s what we’re really trying to emphasize this year, that your ideas, your voices and your votes make a difference.”

The Beach Pantry program, longer study hours in the university library and support for an ethnic studies requirement are all decisions that have come from the chambers of the ASI Senate. These are all things that affect students and their everyday lives while still at the Beach.

For this reason, Elimelech said, involvement—whether running yourself or voting in the elections—is so important. 

“Students drive our campus life, with their elected leaders representing their interests in many  decisions that are happening on campus,” Elimelech said. 

This year’s elections will run from March 15 to 17 and be conducted completely virtually due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Where in years past candidates would be able to meet with their constituents face to face, they now have had to switch gears to completely virtual campaigning.  

There will be a Presidential Debate on March 11 from 5 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. on Zoom, where students can ask questions and hear from the two candidates running.  For complete information on all things 2021 Elections related, visit.

Students this year will be able to vote for a new:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Senator at-Large
  • Senator for the College of Business
  • Senator for the College of Liberal Arts
  • Senator for the College of Education
  • Trustee at-Large – University Student Union Board of Trustees

Additionally, students will have an opportunity to review and vote to amend Chapter 1 of the ASI Bylaws. 

Those who participate in voting will also be entered for the chance to win exclusive prizes like an iPad bundle, a Chromebook, an Oculus VR-gaming set and more. The prizes are meant to be “enticing” to students according to Elimelech and hopes they help to encourage more participation. 

At the end of the day, Elimelech hopes that whether students run for office themselves, attend ASI Senate meetings or just sign up for one of the organization’s many newsletters, they will get involved with their very own “microcosm” of government at CSULB.

“I would love to encourage students to step up and to make sure that they take the process seriously,” Elimelech said. 

Voting instructions will be sent to students’ CSULB emails via Big Pulse, a secure third-party site that will record the election results. An Instagram livestream will be held March 18 at noon to announce the results.

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